Jakob Müller reinvented the label thanks to VELVEDGE®

Everyone has had this experience. One purchases an attractive item of clothing and puts it one. Then after only a few minutes, one senses an unpleasant scratching sensation on the skin. What follows, is a grab for the scissors…  Happily, with VELVEDGE® the above scenario is a thing of the past! Because with VELVEDGE®the “slit” label has been reinvented and has actually become superior to labels with woven selvedges. In fact, the absolutely softness of the edges is sufficient to even convince people with extremely sensitive skin.

The new VELVEDGE® selvedges replace hot wire, ultrasonic and laser label slitting systems. Consequently, they are ideally suited to top quality clothing that is worn directly on the skin. VELVEDGE® is therefore particularly attractive to brand manufacturers of articles such as sportswear, as the label remains attached to the clothing in the long-term.

The new VELVEDGE®selvedge labels are manufactured on a MÜGRIP®MBJ8 MDW® rapier weaving machine from the Jakob Müller company, which is based in Frick, Switzerland. The acronym “MDW®” stands for Multi Directional Weaving, which is a registered product of the Jakob Müller Group and is internationally protected by various patents. In the area of the subsequently cut selvedge, theMDW® laying unit applies additional threads in a type of cross or slalom-like stitching and thereby creates the edging’s extremely soft touch.

The Jakob Müller Group’s MDW®constitutes a global first, as it combines traditional weaving with a new and highly flexible weft laying deviceto form a perfectly finished label. Indeed so perfect, that once it has been sewn into an item of quality clothing, no one would ever again get the idea of cutting it out and the scissors will stay in the drawer!


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