Yıldız Makina manufactures to be a part of their customers’ success

Fabric dyeing machinery are among the machines that made the production to Turkey’s textile sector. Textile machinery manufacturers who have improved themselves over time and kept up with developing technologies managed to export to a lot of countries of the world. Today, our companies, which became competing with European producers all over the world, took control of many markets and form the machinery group that we do not give a single foreign trade deficit in the import-export balance by greatly reducing the foreign dependency in the domestic market.

One of the companies that we call the milestones of the textile machinery industry is Yıldız Makine. After the pandemic process caused by COVID -19, we made a visit to see the productions made by the company, which we often hear in the sector. We had the opportunity to evaluate the company’s establishment, development, and plans for the next years with Birkan Yıldızoğlu, a member of the Board of Directors.

Do what you know best, do it the best

Birkan Yıldızoğlu, Member of the Board of Directors, Yıldız Makina

Birkan Yıldızoğlu, who started his statements by saying that Yıldız Makine, which has a deep-rooted history, was founded in 1998 in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ by Ali Yıldızoğlu, who has more than 35 years of experience in the sector, said the following information. “Yıldız Makine is a company established to produce only fabric dyeing machines for the textile industry.

By not giving up the understanding of “Do what you know best, do it the best” adopted in the establishment of the company, focusing only on fabric dyeing machines and improving itself, it has gained great knowledge, accumulation and experience in this field. We preferred to focus on a single target rather than producing more than one type of machine. In our country, there are skillful producers in their fields that will produce every machine needed by the textile industry. I believe that if everyone takes care to do their job perfectly, our country will reach a leading position in the world market in the near future.”

We produce perfect by keeping production limited instead of serial production

He said “Our Company, which says quality in production as a first rule, produces machines at world standards today. We carry out our production in our own place consisting of 3.000 square meters closed and 10.000 square meters open area. We are not a company that tries to produce flawlessly by keeping our production capacity limited instead of mass production. Thanks to this understanding, we have not received a single negative feedback from our customers until today.

We are aware that our success will also be the success of our customers. Therefore, we produce high quality machines that will not cause problems for our customers’ trouble-free production. We spend a lot of time and effort on each machine and subject it to high-level quality controls. The return of this to us is returning to high quality machines and repetitive orders that do not cause problems for many years. We learn that customers who will establish many low-budget businesses in domestic and foreign markets are looking for our second-hand machines. They cannot find. Today, the first machines we produced continue to work at full capacity without any problems.”

We export 80 % of production

Yıldızoğlu continued saying that our company, which adopted a marketing strategy for the domestic market in the first years of its establishment, opened the export door in the early 2000s, and said “Our sales that started with
the domestic market enabled us to improve ourselves in the following years, to correct our deficiencies and to increase our quality by keeping up with the developing technology. The machines we made were highly appreciated by the customers. Their satisfaction showed us that we are on the right track. We quickly found ourselves among the best in the industry. In this context, our company has opened the door to export. We have been exporting 80% of our production capacity for many years.”

We produce technological machines that achieves significant savings

Birkan Yıldızoğlu “Technology is developing rapidly. Human needs vary. In this context, the industrial industry continues to develop every day. Companies that cannot keep up with change disappear over time. We, as YILDIZ MAKİNE, continue to keep up with the times by competing with ourselves and constantly renewing ourselves. In the light of technology, we continue to work on ideas that can take us one step further in order to increase our customer satisfaction and maintain our cooperation. Today, we are one of the paint machine manufacturers with the lowest water-energy and chemical consumption in our country and in the world.”

We took important steps to expand the market share

Stating Turkey is a textile country; Birkan Yıldızoğlu said “We have machines that work wherever there is textile in our country. One of the most important reasons for our nationwide customer network is quality, the other is that
we have a long history and we are one of the top 5 companies that produce this machine within the borders of the country. Our most important market in export is Iran. Today, we are the oldest and largest supplier company in the Iranian market. We own 80% of the market. In countries such as Bangladesh and Uzbekistan, we have an increasing market share every day. In the upcoming period, we will expand our market network with studies to increase brand awareness.

For the past few years, we have been following a different marketing strategy as a company. As of 2019, we determined new targets and strategies and took steps to expand our market share. The most important of these will be international fair participation and advertising work. We are accelerating customer visits by adding new colleagues to the marketing department. We will visit our customers in the domestic market as soon as possible and explain the advantages of our machines.”

You must invest in R&D to develop

Talking about R&D and Pr&D studies Birkan Yıldızoğlu said “The development of technology and the search for cost reduction of enterprises inevitably prompted machine manufacturers like us to research and develop. Today, it is a necessity for businesses to do R&D. In the past, it was considered unnecessary when a company said that we were making R&D investments, but now it does not seem possible to go a step further without R&D. There is a world that has to meet endless human needs with limited resources. This requires getting the maximum efficiency from production. In this context, the point we have reached is In-dustry 4.0. We have taken the necessary steps in this process, we continue to take.”

Sustainable productions will hold a mark in the coming years

Yıldızoğlu mentioned the sustainable productions and technologies in the last period, said “I am very sorry that we have betrayed nature in return for the resources that nature has given us. Mankind upset the balance of nature with unconscious production and unconscious industrialization. It did great damage. Unfortunately, global warming continues to increase and climate changes are at a pace that we cannot imagine. Now, new steps have been taken to reverse this. While many companies launched their products to the market, they advertised with the idea of “nature friendly”.  We dug our own well, now we are trying to close it ourselves.

Still need to look positive. Wherever we turn from the damage, I think it will be a profit. Important steps have been taken in this context in the textile industry. Strict controls and controls have forced manufacturers to care more about nature. In this context, we have developed our machines. I hope that we will overcome this with the measures taken and the technology that develops on top of it.”

The pandemia process remines the value of many forgotten things

Stating that with the COVID-19 virus, which has been troubling us in recent months, we have seen how desperate people can be in the face of nature. Countries have suffered and continue to suffer significant losses. It is a very sad situation. This virus, which threatens human health, has made us realize the value of many things during the pandemic process. We are now slowly entering the normalization process.

The virus has also had a great impact on the economy around the world. Saying that trade in many sectors has come to a standstill; Birkan Yıldızoğlu said “During the pandemic process, we were not able to work at full capacity like many other companies. After all, nothing is more important than human health. We took some precauti- ons in order not to endanger the lives of our employees and managed this process well. We completed our existing orders in line with the determined deadlines and shipped and installed them. We continue our production by taking our hygienic measures and obeying social distance rules. I hope that we will all get through this process quickly.”


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