Large size women clothing and the problems faced by the consumers

Fatma CITOGLU Marmara University, Faculty of Technology, Department of Textile Engineering Göztepe.
Halide AKKUS Bartın University, Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences, Department of Textile Education Ulus/Bartın.


This study was held to determine the difficulties to find large sized outfits for women and specifications of the outfits that desire. Study was made on 170 large sized women who live in Istanbul and aged between 18 – 50 sized 44 and up. At the end of the study, it was determined that the most important difficulty large sized consumers had to face was to find proper size for their body shape. Quality and stylish clothes are also desired asmuch as comfortable clothes. One other specification that desired was suitable prices.

Keywords: Obesity, Large Size, Ergonomy, Ready-made Clothing, Consumers


Outfit is obtained according to human body form and properties, in line with the model determined with the effect of fashion and by combining mold cut fabrics by sewing operation [1]. The outfits prepared for body sizes which are bigger than normal or for the purpose of removing the mistakes related with the accordance of the outfit with the bodies having disproportional dimensions by using special model, mold and production design methods, are called large size outfit [2]. To day, in most of the ready to wear garment production facilities the products are between 36 and 44 sizes. As a result, overweight women have difficulty in finding suitable outfit for themselves. However obesity is one of the most important problems of developed countries. Large size outfit production takes up a lot of room especially in world ready to wear garment industry. It is becoming a continuously emerging and developing market. In local and foreign studies related with outfit purchase it was observed that women perform majority of the outfit purchase. Because women outfit plays important role in determining personality, profession and social structure of women and has international properties. Due to these reasons women constitute an important market for producer companies in this field [3]. Considering the problems originated from excess weight, comfort is more on the forefront. The large sized people feeling themselves comfortable and their ability to move comfortably is possible with outfits that fits the body, ensure movement freedom and are in accordance with weather conditions[4]. Women with large size dimensions have different structure in neck, back, waist and thigh sections compared to normal bodies. There is a general perception that large size outfit designs are the enlarged versions of the normal size. However in contrary of this prevalent perception, large size mold preparation requires a separate expertise [5]. The research was conducted in order to determine the problems faced by large size consumer women while purchasing shirts, blouses and trousers and make solution suggestions.


After the conceptual frame of the research was formed by literature scanning, survey form was used in order to determine the opinions of large size women consumers. The research was conducted through data depending on survey. The sample group consists of 170 women who were determined by random method among the large sized women aged between 20 and 50, living in Istanbul. After that the problems faced by women, who use outfits with sizes between 44 and 56, about the large size shirts, blouses and trousers that they purchased, was determined. The survey form was prepared in 3 point likert scale type. “Always” was graded as 1, “sometimes” was graded as 2 and “never” was graded as 3.  Cronbach Alpha(oc) test statistic was used in order to determine the reliability of the survey questions. The Cronbach Alpha(oc) statistic applied in the research was determined as 0.712. The info compiled through the survey was transferred to electronic environment by using SPSS 20 software. The distribution of the answers given to the survey questions was given by frequency analysis.


In this section, the findings obtained by application of survey form (used a data collection tool) to large size outfit consumer women was submitted in table and graphs and were interpreted. (Table 1) When Table 1 was examined the most coincided body type in the sample group was found out to be narrow chest and wide hip with a percentage of 55.3%. This is followed by the body type where thigh and chest is proportional and waist is thick with a percentage of 33.5%. (Table 2)

During shopping the ratio of the group facing problem due to the fact that “They can not find the large size of the outfit they like” is 30%, “The size dimensions of the outfits and their body dimensions are not in accordance” is 27.1%, “Size numbers do not fit to each other” is 20%, Model variety is limited in outfits” is 11.8. (Table 3)


In the study aimed to emphasize the importance of body types and size numbers in large size outfits (shirts – blouses and trousers) below suggestions were generated in line with the reached conclusions:
*For the ready to wear garment producers to determine the body types of their target audience and perform production activities according to those results, studies should be conducted in our country in order to determine the body types and create a database.
*For the producer companies to be able to produce garments which allows comfort to especially thigh line by taking the typical Turkish women body type into consideration, the sizes and molds used in outfits should be standardized and studies should be made for Turkish large women sizes and outfit molds
*Producer companies should make a preliminary market research before production in order to determine the outfit types required by large size women and the properties they want the outfits to have thus taking the customer demand and expectations into consideration.
*Today large size women population gradually increases. It is important for producer companies to make special outfit design and production for large size women consumers.
*The employees in the mold preparation division of the producer companies should be educated about large size garment production and they should know the body properties of large size women.

It is observed in the trousers by the sample group that majority of the group do not have any problems.

REFERENCES: (1]. BOZKURT, B. (1995),“ The effect of body movements on outfit properties“, unpublished doctorate thesis, Ege University, Science Institute, İZMİR. [2]. Detering,U.,(2003),”While the world is getting fat”,Hedef Magazine, ITKIB publications, No 112, page 26. [3]. Arıkan,R.,Yüceer,H.,E-RENLER ÇAKAR, G. (1994). Outfit consumption of women and their dressing behaviors. Standart Magazine. Publication No: 33. (4]. HANÇERLIOĞUL-LARı, M.,(2009).,“Expectation of large size young girls from outfit design“, Master Thesis, Gazi University Educational Sciences Institute, ANKARA. [5]. AKKUŞ,H., (2014,) “Examination of importance of figure types and size numbers of women consumers with size interval of 44-56 during outfit purcha-sing”. Master Thesis, Marmara University, Science Institute, İSTANBUL.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The authors are grateful for the funding by Scientific Research Project Unite (FEN-D-120514-0172) of Marmara University.


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