İz Mümessillik “ink” introduced its machines at Fespa Eurasia

iz-mumessillikİz Mümessillik San ve Tic. LTD. ŞTİ. was founded to import machines and to provide training and customer supports for the textile industry, in 1989. By serving as the representative of the leading textile companies of the World, in Turkey and surrounding countries, it operates in the fields of industrial serigraphy, digital printing machines and textile equipment. In the previous years, it was MHM’s Turkey Representative between 1989 and 2014 and also Kornit’s Turkey Representative between 2004 and 2014. Having found a partnership with M&R, the biggest textile machines manufacturer of the World the company in 2014, the company has continued to its commercial operations under the brand of “INK” and with the website of “www.ing. com.tr” since 2015. At the FESPA Eurasia 2015 textile machines fair, which was held in İstanbul, the firm introduced STRYKER model, a new generation, automatic oval serigraphy printing machine by M&R – which is one of the America business partners – and new technology I-IMAGE STE, a new technology machine to transfer no-wrap designs from computer to template and for posing, and also LP-2, a serigraphy printing machine designed by American company A.S.P.E to produce small sized designs with low cost and to make them hold smaller areas. Giving information about the machines, Marketing Director of İz Mümessillik “ink” Beren Pekiz remarked that it is possible for only one person to complete emulsion pulling of 25 templates, transferring no-wrap designs from computer, posing and washing/unfolding works in an half hour in the template rooms, which are established with the technology of M&R. In the one-person operated template rooms, emulsion is pulled on the templates, then the works of transferring and posing a design to no-wrap template and finally automatic washing processes are completed. M&R, with the American production UNI-KOTE automated emulsion pulling machine, you can perform the emulsion pulling procedure in the same standard every time. With a front and back emulsion pulling unit that work independently from each other, you can use it in a front side- back side or double side without depending on the type or thickness of the emulsion. Thanks to the double sided automated emulsion pulling unit, you can apply equal pressure on every area of your template and thus prepare high-standard templates each time. Since the emulsion process affects the quality of your designs directly, the templates prepared with UNI-KOTE will definitely enhance your printing quality”.

Emphasizing that M&R, thanks to the American production of I-IMAGE Series, can perform design transfer and exposure procedures from the computer to the no-wrap template with one machine through “All in One Concept” for the first time in the world, Beren Pekiz said: “Exposure procedure takes place in a much faster way than the classical exposure procedure (10-25 seconds) without depending on the type of thickness of the emulsion by using the latest technology UV LED source (life-long guarantee). On the other hand, you can transfer the designs you prepared in your graphic software via I-IMAGE STE from the computer to the template fast and thus acquire a much clearer and opaque results including for your patters with tram. Therefore, it can get rid of the expensive film positives and decrease the time waste and craftsmanship and especially the failures that can emerge. IMAGE has 3 different sized models; the maximum template measure can be 66×91 CM, 66×109 CM, 152×152 CM and the maximum printing area can be 51×58 CM 51×76 CM 132×132 CM. M&R performs the washing procedure needed after the exposure done via the American production of ECO-RINSE by applying equal pressure on the whole template automatically every time in a simple way to reduce the water waste. Having been washed within 1 minute, your templates will be ready for the machine design set up. With its 300L water tank capacity and circulation method, it significantly decreases the water waste”.


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