How do we come out of the crisis Covid-19 caused without damage?

Coronavirus that influenced the life of human and also affected the world economy has been influential in all the world economy and global business world. Covid-19 represents a beginning of a new period for the world. All habits and life style of human being begun to be designed again. Tekay Group Chairman Ömer Ünsal stated Turkey entered a new vision and evaluated the developments in our life and business world.

“This new vision must be how we can get out of the global crisis Covid-19 caused without any damage. Every sector relevant to this must research methods according to their manner that have been begun. But the important in Covid-19 crisis is to focus on the power and opportunities. In this period we have seen that remote working became a national part of our work gradually. Thus we understood there is no need to be in the office to do some job. I have been working in the management of İstanbul Leather Organized Zone and as deputy chairman of Enterprising Committee for long years. In addition to them, I am in the administration of OSBÜK / Suphreme Board of Organized Industrial Zones in Ankara for 8 years.”

Investment in R&D and Design

Tekay Group Chairman Ömer Ünsal

Mentioning the importance of Tekay Kimya, Ünsal said “I turned 49 years in my occupation (as Chemical Engineer). I worked in the sector of the textile and textile section of Bayer for 19 years technically and commercially. So I experienced a few economic crisis in that time and we did. Fortunately we got rid of them by learning something. I founded my firm in 1993 and Allah granted us to make chemical production beside representation of various firms. Tekay Kimya is a firm that informs itself about dyes and printing chemicals and representations. Our Tex-Tek firm is our chemical company that has local partnership and entered market with R&D studies and production about textile chemicals.

It is seen that Branding, real R&D and design are important ways of trading development and exportation. It is inevitable for us to do investements and go on. As a result of it, it will be seen that the products with high added value are to be produced. As I said our firms Tekay Kimya and Tex-Tek is a foundation that mainly meets the needs of chemicals and dyes from fabric dyeing to ready-made garment. We gave big importance to R&D and design in the last two years. We put some part of our turnover to this. We saw the benefit of it with our export”.

Textile is in all places

 “The main sectors of the production of Turkey are automotive, chemistry, textile, ready-made garment and accordingly sub-industry and construction. It is seen that September-2020 is the month in which the most production has been made. When comparing the electricity, natural gas and water consumption in the organized zones to the consumption in earlier years, those figures are seen. As my branch, in the textile sector, it is seen that particularly the share of knitting in the production is raised and the development in home textile and mask productions and also Covid-19 contributed to the increase of business and export,” said Ömer Ünsal.

“Textile is in all places such as automative, construction, shoes, plastics. To me, the most important thing we have to add is that the plastic gloves development is not at the desired level. Maybe I am wrong but the price is increasing in the market and there are not enough. We must not forget that it is seen that because of the increase of Covid-19 events in our country and the world and particularly in Europe, and the second wave, in the year of 2021, a decline in the production and export can be experienced. It is seen that the groups which buy in big parties postponed their orders ar cancelled.

Because of exchange rate, the high prices in the raw materials press on the costs. Generally in the sector a 10 % decline can be experienced. this is a practical foresight. The most important thing to be done is follow the movements in the market and the world and take position accordingly,” added Ünsal.

Turkey is arbiter in textile in the world

Turkey is one of the countries which are arbiters in the textile sector in the world. Foreign buyers can find many products related to the textile in Turkey because of their accumulation and experience they had in Turkey. What makes us different compared with our competitors is our fast and better supplying of the orders of our customers. ”

We will put new and economic products on the market

Ünsal estimated that an increase in the sectors would be after July because of the possitive result and studies about vaccination and said “But the prices in raw materials and natural gas, electricity and accordingly other products can reflect to export negatively. We can minimize our costs in the companies and increase R&D studies. To me it is necessary to take precautions to increase energy, labor and labor productivity. Instead of waiting for the time, it is necessary to move soon. we will continue the investments, done in 2020 due to the export, in 2021 with new reactors and automation. Our target is new products and customers and to put right economic products on the market”.


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