A giant merger in the machinery sector

t1514 unions representing the manufacturers of machinery and Machinery Manufacturing Industry Unions Federation (MAKFED) merged under one roof. 

The existing association between machinery production sector and the Machinery Industry Sector Platform (MSSP) have transformed into a federation. The 14 unions representing differing machinery sub sectors have founded Machinery Production Industry Unions Federation (MAKFED). MAKFED, is aiming at integrating the sector as well as playing an important role towards creating all policies and applications relating to machinery production industry, Kutlu Karavelioğlu, who is at the same time Deputy Head of the Association of Machinery Exporters (MAİB) and Machinery Promotion Group (MTG) became the first President of MAKFED. With the support of the Association of Machinery Exporters (MAİB), Machinery Industry Sector Platform (MSSP) was established in January 2007, the said association has represented the machinery manufacturers both in the country and abroad over a period of 7 years. The said platform members who have proven their strength at international representations held a meeting on 22 November 2014 whereby, the establishment of MAKFED was signed. MAKFED, applied to the Unions Directorate for Ankara Province on 28.11.2014, following approval granted by the same it became an official Union.


As a basic principle the Federation adopted the following: “The basic principle of the Federation is to elevate to a higher level the existing solidarity between the member unions, and professional members of these unions. Within the framework of this principle, all member unions and the members pertaining there of, agree, declare and undertake to refrain from acting individually, with private goals and interests during the implementation of their functions and responsibilities in the sector.” Until the date when the First General Assembly shall be held within six months by MAKFED, Kutlu Karavelioğlu (POMSAD) has been appointed as interim President of the Board of Directors, Hüseyin Semerci (PAGDER) has been appointed as Assistant President, Şenol Önal (TARMAKBİR) has been appointed as Treasurer, Sefa Targıt (AYSAD) and Halil Tamer Öztoygar (İMDER) have been appointed as members of the Board of Directors. The headquarters of the Federation shall be in Ankara.


President of MAKFED, Kutlu Karavelioğlu, stated the following in relation to the establishment of the federation: “The federation is foreseen to be successful, all sectors are expected to be endowed with the necessary features, of course primarily the features required to become the “sector” , that is to say, they should have attained a quality production and em￾ployment substructure and a significant economic growth, they should be endowed with a common vision and mission embraced by its stakeholders. The elements composing this federation should be well acquainted with one another, understand one another, should be able to determine their mutual interests in a delicate manner and they should be able to unite around these objectives to found a sound and fair competitive environment with the required incentive and strength thereof. We as 14 Unions constituting the machinery manufacture sector, we do not have the luxury to be unsuccessful, we have founded our Federation after having endeavored for nearly 3 years to establish the substructure of the Federation and become one of the significant leverages towards raising public welfare. MAKFED, being the uppermost organization of the machinery manufacture family shall be carrying on its shoulders a very important responsibility.”



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