French machinery manufacturers at Techtextil

19Technical textiles manufacturers face an array of challenges: open new markets, design new products, produce them in a reliable and cost effective way.

To navigate in a fast changing environment, they need strategic partners such as providers of innovative industrial solutions and cutting-edge technologies. French machinery manufacturers have a recognized expertise in finding solutions for critical projects, whatever their scope, whatever their geographic localization. Some of them will exhibit, next May 4-7, at Techtextil Frankfurt, the technical textiles leading exhibition. They will show machines or part of machines, they will bring in the experts their customers need to find and implement new solutions. Bruno AMELINE, President of UCMTF, states “ we are part of the technical textiles community, we are committed to our customers for the long term, we are dedicated to understand and even anticipate their needs therefore the core of our business is not to sell off-the-shelves machines but to find new effective solutions for our customers, to offer them market-driven innovations”. Evelyne CHOLET, the Secretary General, adds “we have the knowledge and international organization to support our customers, to bring them the expertise they need to strengthen their businesses, increase their own sales with good added value and look forward with optimism. The quality of our client relationships stems also from the high stability of our teams, allowing them to go well beyond the purely technical”.


NSC Fibre to Yarn will promote spinning lines for processing long staple fibres for technical applications. Long staple yarns can be spun in various blends from any high performance fibres: natural fibres (wool, silk, flax, ramie, hemp, etc.) and man-made fibres (acrylic, high tenacity PVA, aramid, etc.) Long staple yarns and fabrics are appreciated for their strength, flexibility, cleanliness, evenness, traditional look and soft touch. Typical end uses are individual protection, fabric reinforcement, sewing threads and braids for fire fighting, industry, automotive, outdoor, military, and sport. NSC Fibre to Yarn proposes 3 processes those include carding, stretch breaking and crush cutting to produce long staple top of technical fibres. These 3 ways are composed of different kind of machines: cards, converters, pin drafters, blenders, defelters, combers, rubbing, roving and spinning frames based on 2 trademarks (N. Schlumberger, Seydel) under one banner “NSC Fibre to Yarn”.

New developments at NSCFibre to Yarn include:

– the construction of a new showroom where clients can come and see several new fully assembled machines and send their material to run tests.

– a focus on after sales services to provide quick assistance, training courses for customer staff, audits for existing machines, kits for machine up grading and ongoing maintenance programs.

– a focus on user friendliness, energy savings, low operational and maintenance costs.

– to deliver fully integrated systems and complete production lines from fibre opening and blending to finished bobbins. To cooperate with other leading machinery manufacturers to supply specific equipment that is not in NSC Fibre to Yarn product range but is complementary and to manage installation from start to end.

Machines are equipped with highly efficient motors (class IE2) for engines with 0.75 up to 375 kW. This is fully compliant with a new European directive by EuP Technical Europe Lot 11 that supports the new IEC 60034-30 standard classification performance of electric motors.


World leader in textile waste recycling lines will show a full range of products made from their latest technologies. LAROCHE Airlay units are working all over the world to make nonwoven products for several applications; LAROCHE will notably introduce their latest innovations with the “Airfelt/Resinfelt”. This simple and low maintenance Airlay machine is mostly dedicated to the automotive and mattress felts industries. With the “Resinfelt” option, it allows to make resin bonded felts using phenolic or epoxy resins. LAROCHE will also focus on their low cost process for the decortication of bast fibres as well as on a tailor made post-consumer clothing recycling process for high production of fibers with optimum quality for technical applications.


STÄUBLI will showcase two machines that fit especially well in the production process of technical textiles. Furthermore a selection of technical fabrics that have been produced in conjunction with STÄUBLI products such as dobbies, Jacquard machines, warp drawing-in or tying equipment, will be shown.

Unival 100 – The single-end control Jacquard machine offers more benefits for sophisticated technical textiles such as automotive and aeronautic textiles, technical textiles in the sports, industrial, medical sectors, and new fabric constructions, even with glass fibre, carbon, and Kevlar. The versatile Unival 100 will be demonstrated at the STÄUBLI booth.

Magna T12 – The warp tying machine for technical yarn ties monofilaments, coarse multi-filaments, PP ribbons, bast fibres, coarse staple fibres, and many other fibre types. It has been developed for universal application ranging from coarse technical yarns to medium yarn-count range. Its rigid design includes an optical double-end detection system. Magna is being demonstrated tying a monofilament, ø 0,4mm, at a density of 7 threads / cm. Information will be provided about the performance and advancements of STÄUBLI’s extensive range of high-performance machinery, as well as about STÄUBLI’s individually configurable technical textiles weaving system – offering various machinery combinations and set-ups for weaving any application and desired technical fabric.


Calemard®, slitting-rewinding project

Calemard® is a well-known slitter/rewinder/traverse winder manufacturer which produces proven solutions for major textile and nonwovens players. The range of machineries covers all the slitting needs: from compact slitter able to convert secondary rolls into narrow tapes or tubes up to 6mm wide, to XXL slitter rewinder up to 3.4 m working width and also spooling lines to produce narrow spools to jumbo spools of nonwovens. One of the main advantages of the equipment is their modular design with large number of options.

Decoup+, the specialist of continuous ultrasonic cutting and sealing

Decoup+® brand, proposes different cutting and welding equipment, applicable at any stage of the textile production and converting process. For cutting on looms Decoup+® proposes devices on any type of loom, producing stable and consistent edges, whilst maintaining fabric properties. Reliable and affordable, this equipment is the solution to avoid hot cutting drawbacks. For the high quality needed for the demanding market of technical textiles, Decoup+® offers reliable and accurate devices to cut and/or seal edges on stenters and inspection machines. Decoup+® has also developed an ultrasonic forging solution to reinforce fabric edges and thus increase product durability, while web flexibility is preserved. Decoup+® has also a strong experience in splicing benches. Installed at the exit of nonwovens production lines. The ultrasonic splicing technology performs strong join without overthickness while maintaining the original properties of the product. For final make-up operations Decoup+® proposes a manual range of equipment: autonomous workstation to perform high quality cutting, sealing or welding operations.

Alveotube®, the Eco-Concept

Then Roll Concept®, designs and manufactures the patented Alveotube® product line. This eco-solution is the best aluminium compromise on the market between bending resistance and inertia and allows decreasing electrical power need and consumption during speed-up phases.


DOLLFUS & MULLER is one of the only manufacturers of technical textiles for technical textile manufacturers: technical woven fabrics such as exclusive dryer belts for textile dryers and non-woven dryers. Dollfus & Muller manufactures special belt joints to avoid web marking. Furthermore, the company will present at Techtextil other specialized woven fabrics such as fluidization fabrics for the transport of powders (alumina, cement, plaster) and fruit filters. DOLLFUS & MULLER weave fabrics up to 5.15 meters width in different materials such as aramid, polyester, polypropylene, PPS, polyamide. The company manufactures as well needle-punched endless felts for the textile finishing industry such as transfer printing felts, sanforizing felts, compacting felts and is also a specialist in tannery felts. DOLLFUS & MULLER will also display at Techtextil, textile medias for the ink jet printing well-known under its brand Dynajet. These fabrics are for instance used in light boxes, exhibition stand decorations with excellent results.





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