Exportation to more than 40 countries by Confetti

21Starting its commercial life in the year 1994 with bathroom carpet production, Confetti Halı continues its operations in the year 2007 with runner rug and area rug productions.

Having the productions of the products at Düzce integrated facilities since the year 2007, the company has been expanding its production area under the brand Confetti with wall-to-wall project carpets and mosque carpets since the year 2013. By enriching its products especially through bathroom carpets, children’s carpets and wall-to-wall project carpets, Confetti Halı takes its products to 250 different locations of Turkey. The company, in addition to the countries like United Arab Emirates, Russia, England, USA and Germany, also exports to more than 40 countries. Confetti Member of the Board Sinan Çelebi answered our questions regarding his projects.

Can you inform us about the new products released into the market by your company and their features?

“Since the day of its establishment, we as Confetti see us in a constant move working towards improving ourselves and the sector. Until now there have been bathroom carpets, children’s carpets and corridor carpets group within our product range. Especially thanks to the gel base developed specially for each of our product, we eliminate the worry of slipping. With the abrasion resistant and lint free qualities of our Confetti carpets, we provide a long lasting use. Besides with the anti-allergic, anti-static structures of our polyamide-thread carpets we provide a safe use in terms of health. Along with those, we made our investments concerning the production of grass carpets in the year 2014. We are also planning on initiating the production of grass carpets within the spring season of the year 2015. In the upcoming periods, we are planning on producing grass carpet production to be used in sports sector.”

Can you tell us about the types and the features of the threads you are using and?

“We are using 80% wool, 20% polyamide and 6.6 threat in our products.”

What makes you different? What are the expectations of the consumers?

“We want to provide service in accordance with the wants and needs of our customers. We are conducting effective marketing communication activities for our products to be known by our customers better.”

What do environment, human health and sustainability mean for you?

“We think that it is not possible for sustainability to be successful where environment and human safety is not provided. Unless we pay attention to human and environment health as production companies, we get merely short term works with no value for the future. As Confetti, we are also aware of the importance of environment and human health and we take necessary precautions in this matter by making conscious investments.”



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