Cotton Incorporated Presented 2016/17 Fall/Winter Trends In Istanbul

CCottonotton Incorporated and Cotton Council International continued their tradition of bringing tomorrows fashion trends to the Turkish textile and garment industry at Courtyard Marriott Airport Hotel on the 4th of May 2015.  Including private meetings with leading brands, more than 140 executives from Turkish textile, garment and design sectors saw in depth and detail below summarized fabric, color and silhouette trends of 2016/17 Fall/Winter season.



Reflecting on how much our lives have become programmed, we find that creative stimulation has become lackluster.  Dabbling in rebellion in different sectors of society allows us to shake things up.  Branching out from our carefully plotted and automated routines, we are able to refresh, finding value in distraction.  Mini points of disruption, whether adding humor to politics or stirring up the education system, allow for engagement of new audiences.  Our complacency gets a jolt as interferences from subtle to poignant reveal a life that is more about creative evolution.


Disruption is a color story that makes waves and challenges us to think creatively. This palette is suitable for visual improvisation.  Its lofty feminine-inspired neutrals effortlessly complement vibrant blues and tawny orange which are juxtaposed against random shots of bright fuchsia and kelly green. The importance is not balance, but a spontaneous authenticity that rattles the routine establishment.

Population 1:


This trend takes us off the grid.  A more independent-minded populace places value in the solo existence.  We see a shift in paradigm and find people thriving in solo journeys as well as living lifestyles that appreciate experiences over acquired things.  City dwellers specifically are now being catered to more than ever with well-designed single occupancy abodes.  Retailers, brands and travel gurus alike are taking note to cater to this adventurous, savvy, independent-minded group.


A glacial palette that speaks of isolated, reflective beauty.  These colors combine the elements of frost, greyed mist and crystal blue light reflecting on glaciers. Crisp snow and shale black contrast against the moodier faint blues and greys that meld into the frigid environment.  The only softness is a pale pink that speaks of rosy sunrises on a vast unending terrain.  This is a stark but breathtaking palette that gives powerful impact with minimal effort.

_______ less:


Nothing is absolute. Identity is consumed by our desire not to be labeled.  We now pick and choose our favorite qualities and meld them together to create our ideals.  Shifting is the certainty of roles and how we identify our beliefs.   Are we entering a phase of homogenized society? Will there be a universal aesthetic or a new demographic that is not defined by race, gender, age or another well-known segment?  Societies are embarking on a new enlightened concept of how we are defining ourselves and our preferences.


A rich, sophisticated palette that has the ability to morph in any direction. Quintessential warm fall tones in caramel, deep teal and mahogany are offset with icy mint and Au Naturel.  These colors easily integrate with the other four trends’ color palettes and work well across all markets.  The effortless blend of these colors work in high end prints and patterns. Pile fabrics are given a lush new identity as these tones can bring subtle nuance to any landscape.

Behavioral Nudge:


Behavioral Nudge relishes in the idea of improving ones’ self or crafting our best self, in a logical and efficient manner.  Wearable technology and data synching are more subtle, yet more available and present than ever before. These devices are nudging us toward preferences and specific interactions while still allowing us unique views and experiences.  Giving up control to a certain extent allows for opportunities in other arenas.   Abundant growth is achieved by strategically and deliberately structuring our lives.


A curiously, graphic palette that exudes an effervescent energy. Mixing familiar neutrals like sage and beige with conversational pops of electrified lime and Purple Lacquer keep this palette both comfortable and unique. Soft lilac and creamy white temper the ebb and flow as this palette is in a state of flux. Behavioral nudge is a confident, hybrid color scheme that lends itself to tech inspired fabrics, but also to high end novelty fabrics.



With our perpetual pace set at maximum speed, Preservation celebrates what makes us human as we struggle to hold on to intangible traits. Human bonds, gut instinct, and intuition make us distinct as human beings. However, our challenge is to uphold these characteristics in today’s mechanized society. Even memory, the most basic of human traits, is challenged as we let technology interpret our lives and do the thinking and remembering for us.  When the layers are all peeled back, we realize the essentials are what allow us to live enriched lives.  The human touch, heritage, and artisanship are at the forefront of this trend.


Preservation is an unquestionably beautiful palette that is heaped in emotion.  The viewer is instinctually drawn to the rich harmony of reds in burgundy, bold cherry and vintage inspired Pressed Flower.  The warmth composed in these charming tones is enhanced with the deepest black, luminous pearly yellow, and a hint of peach. Thus producing a striking palette that when dissected, holds interest and a variety of interpretations.

Fabric Bullets


–       Reversing, digitized stripes in a cotton jacquard knit

–       Disjointed shapes create a modern patchwork on a large scale clip spot

–       Disrupted graphic patterns shake up traditional cotton outerwear

Population 1

–       Dobby weave in a cotton/nylon blend creates a crackled look and texture

–       Sheer nylon jersey tacked to a lightweight cotton jersey creates a hovering illusion

–       Frosted appearance created on a dobby by coating then sanding


–       Contrasting yarn colors create a holographic look on a cotton twill

–       Technical back used as face in a garment printed sweater for an artisanal look

–       Metallic yarns create the Illusion of weight in an open weave construction

Behavioral Nudge

–       3-dimensional origami details create a sculptural effect in cotton womenswear

–       Space-dyed yarn in an unexpected color range updates a marled cotton sweater knit

–       Tactile denim; hole punched and clear coated


–       Clear foil applied to a textured woven mimics glazed ceramics

–       Bleeding permanganate print on a cotton interlock knit

–       Crinkled velvet in high-contrasting colors amplifies overall texture



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