Brückner to develop very positively after a short period of restraint in the Turkish market

BRÜCKNER, established more than 70 years ago by Kurt Brückner, father of today’s owner Regina Brückner, is a world-wide leading group of companies in the development and construction of complete lines for the textile finishing industry.

In the beginning, the core competence was the stenter frame for the classic textile industry. In the meantime, BRÜCKNER has enlarged its portfolio considerably and it comprises e.g. continuous dyeing lines, machines and know-how for drying, finishing, surface treatment and coating of technical textiles and nonwovens. This includes all types of finishing lines for classic textiles but also lines for coating and finishing of floor coverings, nonwovens or glass fabric. In order to serve their customers as good as possible, BRÜCKNER naturally offers comprehensive services, such as energy and technological consulting, worldwide service and digital systems for easier machine operation.

In 2018 BRÜCKNER built a completely new production plant in Bavaria to keep up with the trend “Made in Germany”. All BRÜCKNER machines are reliable and efficient products made 100% in Germany. In the new production site, BRÜCKNER is able to act clearly faster and more flexible. Large and heavy machinery components can be assembled and moved around much easier and a major part of the production steps have been automated. The location in Germany is very important to the family-run company, as the know-how of the employees is very valuable and the short distance to universities and research partners ensure the high quality of their products. Thus, BRÜCKNER is well equipped and positioned for future challenges.

Brückner in the Turkish market

Regarding the Turkish market, it has developed very positively after a short period of restraint. Through the very experienced local service technicians in Turkey, BRÜCKNER has always been able to provide competent support to all customers, even in times of COVID-19. In addition, Turkish companies always have very well-trained personnel, who can also properly use the quality and productivity of BRÜCKNER machines. Many European textile manufacturers are currently relocating their procurement to Turkey, and the close proximity and the competencies already mentioned guarantee fast, reliable and high-quality deliveries. This in turn is only possible thanks to the high-quality textile machines installed in Turkey. BRÜCKNER would be pleased to support and accompany even more Turkish customer in their production changeover to high-quality products in the field of classical and technical textiles.

Brückner emphasizes energy saving

Also, in the field of nonwovens BRÜCKNER has developed a lot in the past years. The different ovens in BRÜCKNER’s product portfolio dry and consolidate nonwovens materials for the most different fields, such as e.g. hygiene and medical textiles, building and geotextiles, filter materials as well as fabrics for clothing, cleaning, care and vehicles. Various application systems such as foam impregnation units, coating machines, kiss-roll or flocking units complete the product range. BRÜCKNER offers complete lines for the finishing of carpets, PVC floor coverings or artificial turf.

Of course, BRÜCKNER offers for all lines also corresponding components for energy saving. Heat-recovery and pollution control systems are the most efficient, allowing customers to achieve significant energy savings depending on the type of fabric and process. Due to the modular design, BRÜCKNER lines are also very easy to clean. In addition to reducing the consumption of valuable resources, these lines also make a significant contribution to environmental protection. In addition, the company offers comprehensive and integral energy consulting, specifically adapted to the circumstances of each individual customer.


To allow an optimum advisory service for customers and interested companies, BRÜCKNER established in their Technology Center in Leonberg/Germany a test plant on which they are able to do coating, finishing and heat-setting processes for textiles, technical textiles and nonwovens under production conditions. Customers can test their products or develop them further. For commission finishers, BRÜCKNER offers to make pre-tests in their plant before starting a new production. In their own laboratory the data can be evaluated rapidly and an individual machine configuration can be made.


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