Azon Matrix LEATHER prints directly on real and artificial leather

With Azon Matrix LEATHER it is possible to create truly unique custom leather pieces – one piece at a time – or do large production runs – footwear, furniture, interior decoration, book cover, car seat cover, clothing, accessories and so much more.

It allows designers and manufacturers to create leather goods with consistent, durable graphics that are scratch, water resistant and highly flexible. Printing up to 200mm in height allows printing on even finished leather items.

Matrix LEATHER features an Automatic Substrate Detection system that allows users to print on any cut pieces or shape of leather on any position of the printer table in a few seconds.

Azon Matrix LEATHER comes with bed sizes 2100 mm x 1600 mm. It is based on Gen5 print heads and comes with full-featured Azon RIP software that ensure maximum performance and ink cost calculator.

The closed ink system holds 8 x 440ml cartridges. The standard configuration is CMYK+ LC, LM Orange and Green for achieving a wide spectrum of colors and providing a color vibrancy of any desired image or effect on the printed material.

With live demonstrations, visitors will have a chance to see and test innovative printing solutions for a broad range of leather and artificial leather substrates with exceptional output quality for wide industrial areas like home decor, interior design, fashion, and promotional markets.


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