Saurer introduces the intelligent embroidery solution

For Saurer’s Embroidery Business Unit (BU), Turkey is a very important market, because it is generally very strong. Over the past 10 years, worldwide, the BU has made the most sales in this market on average. In 2018, it generated approximately 40% of total sales in Turkey. The customers’ requirements in terms of price and quality are demanding but also fair. On Saurer’s Epoca 7 shuttle embroidery machine, incorporating smart digital technology, many of the company’s Turkish customers create intricate fabrics for the global curtain market.

Mill management made easy

Saurer’s mill management system Senses is in the final stages of testing for their embroidery customers. This innovative technology will come to market this year.

Using this system, customers will gain a detailed oversight of their production facilities. Among other things, they will be able to analyse the performance of individual machines.

Bring your creations to life with Epoca 7

This machine sets new standards in terms of productivity, with an increase of up to 25% compared to its predecessor with a speed of up to 700 rpm.

Automation solutions

These intelligent technologies reduce machine downtime, resulting in higher productivity. They also ensure that customers’ employees can be deployed where they are needed most. Together with automatic thread monitor, rear carriage adjustment and overhead cleaner reduce machine setting time, yarn breaks and wear and tear of moving parts.

  • Automatic rear carriage

The automatic rear carriage increases productivity and embroidery quality through optimised settings.

  • SmartMon – electronic thread monitor

This new monitor reliably detects thread breaks on both needle and shuttle sides, stopping the machine almost immediately when this happens. This lowers mending costs by up to 70%.

  • HeadLine – enhanced application device

This system offers three different attachments to suit customers’ requirements. Using this selection of attachments, clients have the ability to make any design a reality by applying cords, ribbons and sequins as well as by laser-cutting patterns into virtually any fabric.

The LaserHead promotes creativity through three-dimensional cutting. The cutting of various fabric layers generates new design and combination possibilities: light and airy with glamorous or voluminous with dramatic colours.

Using the SoutacheHead, customers can create unique designs with cords or ribbons. Ribbons can be rolled, which creates a 3D effect. For the manufacture of state-of-the-art technical textiles, this technology can handle carbon ribbons, heating wires and cables effortlessly.

With the SequinsHead, customers can attach sequins of various sizes and colours in the same design.

  • CleanGuard

This independently operating device continually removes dust and fluff between the thread delivery and needle, moving back and forth along the length of the machine.


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