What do you see outside?

We produce and consume. The two concepts are indispensable complementary to each other. So what do we choose? Of course, the promotion has a great contribution. Whether it’s a billboard on a main road with millions of vehicles a day or it’s one of the outdoor billboards of a mall that’s visited by hundreds of thousands a day. Epson Turkey Industrial and Commercial Products Pre-Sales Specialist Hayri Senol mentioned what the printing firms for outdoor need to pay attention to and the best solutions. One of the most important factors that affect an outdoor poster is weather conditions such as UV rays, water, snow, wind, cold and hot. However, with the eco-solvent effect that strengthens the outdoor pressure, resistance to all weather conditions is obtained. The disadvantages of poor outdoor printing are multiple. First, brand image and prestige will be damaged. The desired goal to be achieved with outdoor advertising is not achieved. Cost and time is lost. Choosing the right machine is extremely important to achieve the desired performance.


Epson offers a new way to print on a variety of materials, from simple moving signs to high-quality exhibitions and decorations. With Epson’s SureColor S-40610, S-60610 and S-80610 models, it is possible to exhibit innovative works for long periods outdoors with maximum quality printing. We will be even more productive with our new L models (SureColor S-60610L and S-80610L) with the option of using 1.5-liter inks, which will soon be added to our product family.


The Epson SureColor SC-S80610 and SureColor SC-S80610 L deliver unrivaled precision through an advanced material management system that delivers best-in-class performance. The highly advanced automatic media tension control (AD-ATC) system features a large diameter feed roll, antistatic flexible printed media drive wheels to optimize feed grip and precision. It keeps your print heads clean thanks to the new web cleaner. It goes beyond the standard four-color machines and opens the door to a new era with outdoor photo quality (9 colors + White or metallic).


Equipped with the latest generation of dual Epson PrecisionCore TFP (Thin Film Piezo) print heads and using the newly formulated Epson’s 9/10 color set of UltraChrome GS3 inks, the SureColor S-80610 and SureColor S-80610 L deliver outstanding results with outstanding color and clarity and it maximizes your productivity. Under PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, PANTONE produces Solid Coating Colors up to 98 percent one-to-one. Epson’s experience lies in designing and manufacturing precision equipment for printer equipment, as well as the ever-expanding comprehensive knowledge of high-quality printing. All of this knowledge has been used in the development of the SC-S large format printer series, manufactured and new designed by Epson. As we add our expertise in the production of printheads to the SC-S series, you can expect precision, quality and productivity every time you print. And you’re covered by a two-year Epson warranty, including print heads. These five in our large format printer family (SureColor S-40610, S-60610, S-80610, S-60610L and S-80610L) offers unarguable quality in outdoor printing. Being able to print a single printer on a variety of materials with 98 percent color matching is a huge advantage for professionals. All of our models are made by Epson’s most advanced technology, maximizing quality and efficiency.


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