Unveiled SSM-Innovations at ITMA 2019

SSM showed several new product launches for the first time ever at the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona (Spain) from June 20 – 26, 2019. Large interest was generated by the powerbladewinder and the SSM preciforcewhich had their world premieres.

This year’s exhibition attracted a large number of visitors. SSM impressed the visitors by showing a wide range of applications and latest technology solutions to help textile producers to become more competitive.

The highlight of the show was the introduction of the worldwide unique backpressure system: preciforce, for a guaranteed package consistency. The precise density control ensures that an optimal package can be produced, which leads to improved properties in the subsequent process. This feature will be optional available for selected XENO machines only. Furthermore, SSM combined the advantages of blade winding and electronic yarn traverse into powerblade: exclusively available on XENO-PB. With the SSM XENO machines, producers got the right tool in their hand for a perfect winding result and maximum productivity.

In the filament sector SSM had to offer yarn manufacturers more possibilities; such as fancy effects made on air texturing or different features in air covering. Therefore, SSM provides a tool to fashion unique fabrics and increase the yarn producers’ competitiveness.


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