New micro fiber from Lenzing

02Being among the most famous cellulose fiber producers of the world, Lenzing added a new fiber to its product ranged called TENCEL® A100™, which is used in ready-made clothing and especially in knitting sector.

Lenzing TENCEL® came up with an innovation in fiber. From now on the new micro version of A100™ fiber type is on the market. The new TENCEL® micro fiber completes the fiber portfolio suggested for the knitting applications.

Lenzing launched the first TENCEL® A100™ in Turkey at Premiere Vision İstanbul fair. Organizing a press meeting on the same period for the announcement of fiber to the market, Lenzing Value Chain Director Andreas Dorner, Global Marketing Communication Director Christina Kreuzwieser and Turkey Business Development Hale Saraçoğlu informed us about the new products. Stating that Lenzing, who has a total of 4 companies with one factory in the US, two in Austria and one in England, reached an annual capacity of 222 thousand tons in cellulosic fiber production in the year 2014, Andreas Dorner added that TENCEL® A100™ was developed as a result of two-year long engineering project and it will especially be used for the knitting sector. Stating that TENCEL® A100™ is produced in Lezing’s Grimsby factory in England, Dormer said TENCEL® A100™, which was designed for the knitting applications, is developed for the purpose of dominating the knitting market.


Emphasizing that A100™ technology helps the creation of fabrics with much higher quality than the fabrics made out of traditional cellulose fibers Dorner said: “This micro fiber, produced with the development of A100™ fiber creates new opportunities for the usage in underwear and in luxurious fashion market with high quality standards. The best usage values accompanied by the brightest and liveliest colors set the basis for the prioritized and first choice of A100™ fiber. The color depth acquired with this fiber gives results on all the other fibers. We call our black color as the perfect black. TENCEL® A100™ fiber shows similar results in terms of brightness. This means that knitted clots can have beautiful brightness without needed synthetic fibers. Even after being washed, the end products with TENCEL® A100™ look flawless. In the knitted clothes with TENCEL® A100™ fiber do not get wrinkled, which usually is observed in viscose fabric during washing. It is a quality that provides advantage for the first class brand producers”.


TENCEL® A100™ fibers can be used especially in woolen and synthetic mixes. Thanks to this, while it acts like a softener with wool, it acts like a moisture manager with synthetic fibers. Dorner said: “Another interesting usage area for new micro fiber can be sports underwear. There is a trend for mixing more wool in this type of clothing nowadays. Besides ideas towards usage in stocking sector are being evaluated“.


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