Kordsa Global takes place among the best employer brands of Brazil


Kordsa Global’s CEO Cenk Alper: “This result is the outcome of our highstandardhuman resource practices that we implement as a worker brand inour plants throughout 4 continents”

According to the study conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute in about 40 companies within the Bahia state of Brazil, Kordsa Global has outdistanced many companies among the best companies to work with and has taken place at the 7th rank. In the explanation he made about the success they obtained, Kordsa Global’s CEO Cenk Alper said “This result is the outcome of our high-standard human resource practices that we implement in our plants throughout 4 continents. This award that we obtained has consolidated the first rank we have been given in the “Human Investment” category during Altın Yaka Awards organized last month by Sabancı Holding”. Pointing out that many Brazilian and international important brands were conducting activities in the Bahia region where Kordsa Global’ pursued its activities, Alper said “We have been conducting activities in Brazil for many years. An important part of our workers are from this region. As a brand that overspreads from Turkey to the World, we are proud of this success we obtained in a different geographical location. This result has proven once again the strong relation between operational and financial success and the fidelity of workers. I congratulate all my colleagues that have contributed”. Kordsa Global’s success appeared in the Brazilian press under the title “Fidelity to the Human Being”. In the news, it has been mentioned that Kordsa Global was not renouncing from its human oriented approach in spite of the political and economic uncertainty of the country. The open door policy, the accessibility of the leader stuff, family visits, the suggestion system and the improvement of the working environment have been shown as the strongest human resource practices of Kordsa Global.

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