James Heal: Accurate and reliable test materials since 1872

The company has an agent and distributor business partners all over the world and offers products available at anytime and anywhere. Aygenteks who has left behind 45 years in the field of textile quality control test equipment; has been representing James Heal company and being its agency for 35 years in Turkey. With a customer-oriented system, James Heal follows strategies that increase the demands of its existing customer portfolio. The company, which has been operating for 146 years, has been carrying out sustainable efforts to maintain this high quality by producing test equipment and materials in compliance with the highest standards of consistency, reliability and performance for more than 70 years.

Target is to provide services of high quality

Aygenteks Company which is the only representative firm of James Heal in Turkey, with their products they offered to the market, allows all the retailers, brands, manufacturers to guarantee the quality and performance of their own products as well. The efficient production and related performance capture is possible with the quality control of the product at all the early stages of production and during its following procedures as well. For this reason, test analyzing equipment, and test materials to be used for quality control in processes are important. In the sense of the James Heal brand, there is also a wide range of assistance options, from remote controlling to an e-mailing and with the help of an inter- national distributor network, to on-site technical support, wherever you are in the world.

The usage of the devices is easier now

James Heal devices are designed with a simple and intuitive touchscreen in 12 languages to support the needs of today’s global testing labs. The TestWise Operating System, developed by textile technologists, improves the operational efficiency of your laboratory, reduces breakdown times and increases customer satisfaction. TestWise Pro can be used for TruBurst, Titan 5 and 10 devices. Recently updated software with new features and functionality, it helps you optimize your laboratory efficiency and maximize productivity.

Always providing the better

In the statement which is made by the company officials; it is stated that the first things they consider is the providing the quality. Afterward they pay attention on targeting the excellence. Here are the other important things mentioned in their statement as well; “As Aygenteks; We are constantly developing ourselves in order to specialize in our job, to provide better service, to be in the right place between the companies we represent and the companies we serve and to be worthy of where we are. Now, we are in the process of preparing TURKAK Accreditation within the scope of providing calibration services in accordance with the requirements of TS EN ISO 17025 (2017) by adding another asset to our works. In the autumn of 2018, we are planning to be accredited from TÜRKAK by making the official application of our Aygen Teknik Company we established at the beginning of 2018. By Aygen Teknik; only verification and calibration service will be provided. By Aygenteks; Other support services such as device, spare parts, consumables sales, device installation, training, technical service will be continued to be given with the same precision” they said. Aygenteks General Manager Ahmet Aygen said that all the priorities they have implemented related to the services they had been provided so far have always been to provide better quality services to their customers. Aygen who has underlined that they have a deep-rooted history, told the story of the Aygenteks as follows; “Our company was founded in 1973 by the late Metin Cenap Aygen, one of the most respected and doyen textile engineers of the period. Following the death of Mr Aygen in 1988, our company entered the transition period of its 2nd generation and became a distributor and agency services providing company in 1991. In 1993, it took a step towards becoming a Limited Liability Company. By using years of experience in textile quality control and laboratory test equipment work; has become a company that produces solutions for quality control and laboratory test equipment
in sectors such as packaging, food packaging, medical packaging, printing, paper-cardboard, food, plastic, rubber, leather, automotive, aerospace, industrial production and so on” he said.





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