Effe offers innovative solutions for digital printing machines

Effe continues to be the reason of choice by value added products that increase the efficiency of printing process, provide energy saving, effect printing process quality directly.

Main products that are being manufactured by EFFE for manufacturers or end users in digital printing machines sector are digital printing machine inlet-outlet units, drying chambers, ultrasonic edge trimming and tuft trimming&sewing machine which is launched in FESPA EURASIA Exhibition. Effe makes cooperation as OEM with digital printing machine manufacturers. Drying chambers with high capacity, single pass or 3 pass, various heating systems are being produced for machine manufacturers. Besides, EFFE offers engineering solutions for end users that consider capacity increasing, non-happy with the drying performance of existing machines. Many successful innovative projects took place up to now.

Cleaner Environment Via Klean Brand Electrostatic Filter Units

Klean Brand Electrostatic Filter that filters the exhaust air of stenter machines, continues to be preferred with its performance by environmentally-conscious companies in cities like Tekirdag where the textile sector is substantially developed. Ozen Mensucat Boya Terbiye Isletmeleri A.S. and Emin Tekstil Boya Apre San. & Tic. A.S.  are now among the companies that preferred Klean Brand Electrostatic Filter Unit for sustainable, cleaner and more habitable environment.

Consecutive Shipments and Operating Machines

When it comes to PASHA Model Stenter Machines, active and fruitful manufacturing and operating processes are being experienced. Stenter machines that are being manufactured are being shipped respectively to their owners. 2 PASHA Model Stenter Machines are shipped to Pakistan, Lahore in November; to be delivered to US & Dynamo Mills (Pvt) Ltd. Company. When we take a look to newly commissioned machines; stenter machine with 10 chambers at Uniteks Tekstil, Tekirdag; stenter machine with 6 chambers at Koltuksuz Tekstil, Denizli are standing out. Also EFFE Brand EF-FTE Model Brushing and Dust Collection Unit has started to be operated in Kasar&Dual Company at Corlu, Turkey.

Effective way for fabric centering and guiding

EFFE Brand Fabric Centering and Guiding Units offer ideal solutions for fabric centering and guiding at the inlet of stenter machines, continuous tumbler machines and printing machines.

EF-FCU model fabric centering and guiding unit

Unit eliminates possible tension of the fabric at the inlet of the machines, also guides and centers the fabric while transferring to the following units. There are alternative slat types such as Mohair and EPDM.

EF-CGU cradling type centering unit

Pneumatic piston controlled cradling movement on both sides, mostly used for centering and guiding woven type fabrics.

EF-FCU/W model fabric centering and guiding unit

Unit is used in washing chambers of continue washing machines and bleaching machines, manufactured as resistant to water, steam and chemicals.

EF-FCU/B model fabric centering and spreading unit

This unit spreads fabric edges and centers the fabric by expanding to both sides from the center on rotation or filmdruck printing machines to deliver the fabric tensionless on printing machine blanket.


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