Effe made an appearence at ITMA with its’ “PASHA”

İHSAN MOKANOĞLU/ Member of the Company

As EFFE, we participated our second ITMA fair in Barcelona on the tenth year of our establishment. We hosted our guests at the fair which was held for the 18th time this year in an area of 300 square meters. PASHA Model Stenter Machine, which we launched in ITM 2016 in Istanbul, took its place in our booth to display both natural gas and thermal oil heating system to visitors with the determining units of knitting and woven fabric working lines.

On 18th ITMA Exhibition, held in June 2019, EFFE Brand PASHA Model Stenter Machine (launched in ITM 2016 June) which is equipped with user friendly, value added improvements and developments, has achieved success of taking 16 orders during the fair. Our team of 15 employees from various departments such as production, sales, marketing, import, export and R&D; representatives from USA, Indonesia, Egypt, Peru, Thailand, Poland, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Tunisia, France, Iran and Pakistan informed visitors about our company and demonstrated our products.

While expanding our customer network, new representative agreements with new agents from various countries are signed and sales&marketing network is expanded too. We are generally satisfied with the interest shown to our booth. As a summarize we have strengthened our predictions such as; US Market is open to investments compared to the previous years, South American market will see comparably better conditions, competition will increase in Asia, production capacities will increase in Europe, Egyptian textile industry will perform better, in India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and local market a prosperous year is about to come. Also, it was observed that there was an intense contribution from Turkey.

The industry’s leading companies around the world follow the manufacturers at exhibitions before taking steps for investment and get prepared to pinpoint the target markets. Having total orders of 16 PASHA Model Stenter Machines during the exhibition, we have scheduled production plan according to this momentum. We consider ITMA Exhibitions as the olympics of textile machines and we participated ITMA Milano in 2015, ITMA Barcelona in 2019 with innovator our state of art machines. We are going to take our place in ITMA Milano 2023 with our tailored solutions for customer needs and new machines.


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