‘Dry Textile’ technologies for sustainability from BTC

BTC Bilgi Teknolojileri turns the sustainability mission into a real target by lowering water, chemical and energy usage with technological solutions for finishing preparation and printing preparation.

With its added value and employment capacity, textile maintains its importance among the most important business lines of the global economy. Textile is also considered to be the most stressing business on the environment. In addition to the amount of water, chemicals and energy used in the production process, the re-release of these resources with environmentally damaging contents after production is the main topic of discussion. For this reason, sustainability and a respect for nature production have been seen in the textile industry before several industries and started to offer their first solutions. Turkey’s leading textile technology supply company BTC Bilgi Teknolojileri, appealing to the market with environmentally friendly, sustainable textile production process-oriented, Industry 4.0 compliant and pioneering solutions. BTC enables sustainable industrial processes with innovative solutions, which they define as ‘Dry Technology’. A 90% savings from water used in dyeing and pre-print fabric preparation can be obtained with these solutions.

Savings in textile production start with water

Saying that they provide solutions to balance the ecological footprint of textile production with the biological capacity of Turkey, BTC Bilgi Teknolojilericompany owner Nurten Ergün disclosed that they have been conducting studies under ‘Towards Dry Textile’ slogan within the Horizon 2020 framework for 3 years. Ergün continued her words as follows; “We expanded our product portfolio with solutions that lower water, chemical and energy usage rates in textile finishing and printing processes. For example, plasma technology developed and produced by Grinp Company is the pioneer in dry pre-treatments in cotton, polyester, polyamide, wool, silk and denim fabric finishing. In addition, the Pair Plasma technology produced by Grinp also eliminates the need for exhaust filtration, no VOCs and bad odours”.

Noting that water is used most in fibre cleaning and finishing pre-treatment in the textile production process, Ergün said that as BTC, they also carry sustainability to printing process. Ergün continued her words saying; “With our SWIFTJET brand, we provide dry fabric pre-treatment in reactive and pigment digital printing. Thus, in a year, more than 65 tons of water, more than 700 thousand kWh energy and more than 7 tons of chemicals are saved. With SKYJET we can print on both sides of a fabric at the same time. KERAJET-KERATEX, with its modular print head and circulation capacity, eliminates head clogging and complete head replacement”.

Nurten Ergün stated that they have developed an awareness in the sense of sustainability in the industry and informed that they will organize the Dry Textile Conference on November 14, 2019.


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