Dena Boya offers sustainable ecological and economic solutions

Stating that they are an important solution partner in textile dyestuff sector, Dena Boya Trading Co. General Manager Rüstem Aldatmaz explained his goals as follows: “It is to be a solution focus that meets the changing needs and demands of the sector at the highest level and makes value for all stakeholders with technical laboratory services”.

Dena Boya Trading Co. was founded on November 01, 2018 as a subsidiary of Denge Kimya for dyestuff trade in the textile sector. The company is headquartered in Tekirdağ and has domestic and international activities. Dena Boya Trading Co. offers its sub-brands (Denactive, Denapers, Denacid, Denalan etc.) to its customers with its advanced laboratory infrastructure and technical personnel. 80% of its employees are undergraduate and postgraduate. Its experience in sector is over 15 years. By doubling its market share in 2018 with the new structuring this year, it has become a strong supplier in the textile dyestuff sector and has become an important solution partner of the sector by creating sustainable competition. Dena Boya Trading Co. General Manager Rüstem Aldatmaz answered our questions about his work.

 Can you tell us a little about the company’s emergence story? What kind of subjects do you aim to accelerate the sector with the works?

 “In the sectors where competition is intense, the management style of the enterprises requires a dynamic structure and this dynamic structure makes it difficult for managers to focus on strategies in companies operating in multiple fields. In the past, consultants advised to merge rather than work with more companies, and now say that it is easier for companies to grow by dividing. It is not yet possible to say that this trend is widespread in Turkey. However, it is known that many world giants have managed to increase their market share by following this trend. We, as Denge Kimya management, have decided to position this area as a separate profit center in order to increase our share in textile dyestuff market and to be one of the leading companies in this sector. In addition, by declaring 2018 a year of restructuring, we initiated the in-house cultural change project and at the same time went on the path of growth by incorporating activities in different segments.”

Can you give us some information about the products & products in your production?

“Dena Boya shows superior performance in the dyeing of regenerated and natural fibers with the reactive dyestuffs offered to the sector under the Denactive brand. It provides high performance in light and medium colors with high light fastnesses and oxidative wash fastnesses. Thanks to its high repeatability and high migration properties, it is very good for business-laboratory compatibility and inter-batch continuity. Furthermore, it will diversify the same quality and service concept with Disperse dyes and Acid / Metal Complex dyes in the coming years. ”

What kind of studies, applications and projects do you realize in your company?

“With our advanced laboratory infrastructure and expert colleagues, we provide fast and best solutions to customer expectations. We constantly review and improve our activities to keep customer satisfaction at a high level. We concentrate our R & D activities on sustainable ecological and economic solutions for our customers to produce more efficiently. We continuously share the innovations and technological developments with all our partners and carry customer relations to solution partnerships.

What are the goals that you plan to achieve on behalf of your company both in the national and international arena in the coming period?

“Increasing market share with competitive products in the textile dyestuff market, strengthening the brand image and product portfolio are our primary targets in the national and international arena, but our main goal is to contribute positively to all our stakeholders with our products and service quality that make a difference in the long term. Dena Boya Trading Co. aims to increase its market share with competitive products by strengthening its overseas organizational structure and collaborations in addition to its current market in line with its vision and mission. It aims to be a solution focus that meets the changing needs and demands of the sector at the highest level and creates value for all its stakeholders with its technical laboratory services”.

What arguments do you consider to compete? What does sustainability mean to you?

“In the supply chain from production to distribution, we create a serious competitive environment in the sector for the end consumers to access uninterrupted, high quality and competitive products. We attach great importance to this in a sustainable framework. The concept of sustainability appears in many applications. What they all have in common is to leave a world to live for future generations. Sustainability needs to be addressed in environmental, economic and social areas. If we want a livable world for future generations; we must be able to balance these three areas. Therefore, when talking about sustainability, it is important to remember that nature is our main concern”.

What are the services you provide for customer satisfaction? What are your outstanding features about your product development and R & D activities?

“We offer quality products, competitive pricing and fast service understanding to our partners by further strengthening them. We increase customer satisfaction by diversifying our sales channels. In addition, we contribute to the development of ecological and functional products that the sector needs and which create added value in the products of our partners.”

How do you evaluate the field of textile industry in Turkey and especially in the world?

“Particularly unemployment and ensuring permanent solution to chronic problems such as the current account deficit in Turkey, with global competitiveness in advanced technology areas seem possible with the innovative owned industries and businesses. In this context, Textile industry is one of the most important sectors in Turkey’s economy The textile sector plays an important role in the economic development process of our country. Turkish textile sector has a very important place in world markets. High-quality products in the European market are impossible without Turkey. I think that not only as a garment but also in the field of machinery and chemistry. The specialization in all areas of the textile Turkey is quite high in Turkey provides a competitive advantage. The textile industries have to shift their production to the production of high value-added, high-quality, innovative products, especially technical textiles”.




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