Cormatex: from waste materials to innovative mattress products

Cormatex is an Italian textile machinery manufacturer, operating worldwide since 1938: its specialty is the development of customized complete lines for the production of unique nonwoven products, based on virgin or recycled fibers as well as various types of waste materials.

Cormatex Machinery portfolio includes opening and blending systems, Carding & Cross Lapping technology, Airlay systems, longitudinal and cross cutting machines (high speed cross cutter with flying blade) combined with edge trim recycling machines of various configurations and automatic winders.

In particular, through Cormatex’s special nonwoven Airlay forming technologies, called “Lap Formair V = vertical airlay” and “Lap Formair H = horizontal airlay”, Mattress post-consumer and post-industrial wastes can be mixed together with low melting fibers or powder resins to create innovative materials for new mattresses, thermal and acoustic insulation, automotive applications, packaging and others.

A complete Production line based on vertical airlay is available for the Cormatex customer visits in France. There End-Of-Life mattresses through a complete recycling and Nonwoven transformation process, receive a new Life, thus combining the Green-footprint (avoiding mattress landfill) with high revenues (technological added value products, with 5 years warranty, high breathability, excellent resilience and support).

In details sanitized and granulated PU-foam, Latex and recovered Textile fibres are separately stocked and continuously mixed. Indeed, they are collected, dosed and blended according to customer’s own recipes; then distributed in perfectly uniform and continuous bat, with controlled density and thickness, through our special Lap Formair V (with the additional possibility to apply a top and a bottom screens) and consolidated into a special air-through oven; finally, the continuous Nonwoven flow is automatically cut in panels of the desired size, and edge trims recycled in the line. The productivity can reach 1.000kg/h onto a 2m wide line.

For testing new customer’s projects, concepts and materials, at Cormatex premises in Montemurlo (only 30’ from Florence and 1hr from Pisa city centres) is available a complete Pilot Line, where both Vertical and Horizontal Airlay systems are installed (including Thermobonding and Needle Punching capabilities): there customers can make their “innovative materials”, seeing and touching the high performance of the company’s innovative technologies.


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