Hyosung focused on performance and sustainable fibres for denim at Bluezone

Hyosung TNC showcased its performance and sustainable fibres for denim at BLUEZONE in Munich, Germany, 3-4 September. BLUEZONE is Munich Fabric Start’s independent concept for the denim and sportswear community and involved more than 100 international suppliers. Leading global denim companies gathered and shared denim trends at this show for the 20/21 season.

Due to the positive reaction from brands and retailers at last year’s BLUEZONE they have returned this September with an increased offer of functional & sustainable nylon and polyester fibres specially developed for consumers who want to wear jeans on all occasions and meet the challenges of climate change.

Hyosung showcased a number of performance stories:  MIPAN™ aqua X nylon and askin™ polyester are cooling fibres which deliver freshness with great wicking performance & a cool touch effect to denim fabrics.

Aerolight™ fibre is a high count filament polyester fibre which gives a soft touch close to a natural fibre.  “Aerolight™ fibre is suitable for all seasons, combining the advantages of both synthetic and natural fibres,” comments Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, EMEA Marketing Director for Hyosung .  “With a C-shaped cross section it provides excellent moisture management, with a softer, more natural feel than l standard polyester.”

Hyosung TNC manufactures creora® fibre, the world’s largest elastane brand, recognised for its quality in the denim industry around the world. “Anticipating changing market dynamics, we continue to develop leading sustainable solutions, such as creora® eco-soft elastane,  which not only contributes energy saving for sustainability with low heat setting features, but also enables stable production of 4-way stretch, with  creora® Fit2 technology and warp stretch denim,” adds Simon.



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